Lawsuit by Fired Employee Can Go Ahead

According to a recent report he Washington Supreme Court has cleared the way for a wrongful termination lawsuit to go ahead. The lawsuit has been filed by a woman, who had to take time off work and was then demoted and later fired after she made a complaint about the fact that she had been demoted.

The lawsuit, filed by Ramona Danny, claims that she took time off work because her husband beat her son, and she had to get him to hospital, had to get herself and her son to a shelter, and then had to try and get her husband put behind bars.

However, when she returned to work after a period of two weeks leave she found that she had been demoted. She made a complaint about the demotion to the Seattle Human Rights Commission, but after she did this she was terminated from her job altogether.

The courts decided that an employee should not have to risk losing their job in order to take “an absolutely necessary morning off work to get a protection order, to give a statement to police, or to move her children out of imminent harm’s way.”

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