Woman Sues Company Over Race Discrimination


A woman has filed a lawsuit against a company from the Sioux Falls area, claiming that she has been discriminated against because of her race. The plaintiff claims that she was denied a promotion at the company, which is the Heartland Paper Co, because of her race, and after some rude remarks were made about Native Americans she was dismissed from her post.

One manager from the company stated that he had not seen the complaint, and was therefore unable to respond to the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit the plaintiff tried to get a promotion within the firm nine months after joining. The plaintiff, who is part Native American, was allegedly asked her race in the interview, and the interviewing officer then allegedly told her that Native Americans were “idiots” who “have no idea how to run a business.”

According to the plaintiff she was then accused of unexcused absences from work, which she claims are completely false, she was denied a promotion at the company, and was then dismissed from her post altogether in May. She said she was suspended without pay prior to this. She has accused the firm of violation of human right and racial discrimination.


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