Kroger Co Settles Discrimination Lawsuit


Grocery giant Kroger Co has announced that it is settling a lawsuit that was filed by a number of black employees or former employees that were claiming racial discrimination. The firm will be settling the 2001 lawsuit for a total of sixteen million dollars.

The class action lawsuit had been filed by twelve employees and former employees of the firm. However, the class action suit will include all Kroger stores and not just the ones at which the filing plaintiffs worked. No agreement has yet been approved by the judge.

In the lawsuit plaintiffs had claimed that no only were they paid less than white member of staff, but that they were also passed over for promotion in favour of white staff members. The settlement money will not go into a fund and be distributed amongst black employees that meet the criteria.

Chairman and Chief Executive David Dill said: “We take our commitment to inclusion and our policies against discrimination very seriously. The plaintiffs … obviously felt strongly that the company was not treating them fairly or respectfully. No one in our company should feel this way.”


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