Workers File Lawsuit Over Pay At Rapper’s Club


Workers from a nightclub owned by rap star Jay-Z have filed a class action lawsuit over pay conditions at the club in which they work. The rapper was in the headlines last week after wowing crowds at the famous Glastonbury festival in England, where he enjoyed the headline spot and received some excellent reviews from festival-goers who had initially been skeptical about the rapper being part of the line up.

However, this week he had hit the headlines again, because former and current workers at his 40/40 sports bar and lounge in New York have filed a class action lawsuit. A Manhattan Federal Judge has said that both current and former employees at the nightspot could be eligible for a payout.

Twenty plaintiffs are involved in the class action lawsuit altogether, and they claim that they were often forced to work for tips only by the management. They also claim that they were made to pay for spills, breakages, and even in cases where the customer ran out without settling their bar bill.

The lawsuit was started by a former waitress from 40/40, who had claimed that the club paid below minimum wage to employees, and that it also failed to make payment for overtime hours worked beyond the regular forty hour week.


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