Dell Faces Lawsuit Over Underpaying Employees


Computer giant Dell is facing a class action lawsuit after being accused of underpaying thousands of employees. It is alleged that the computer manufacturer underpaid around five thousand employees that worked in call centers. The lawsuit was given class action status last week by a federal judge.

Employees that worked for Dell in the call centres between February 8th 2004 to the present time will be able to join the class action lawsuit to try and recover compensation from Dell. The lawsuit was originally filed in 2007 by two employees who claimed they had not been properly paid for overtime, training, and work preparation time.

Since last week when the case was given class action status another eighty employees have joined. Lawyers have said that up to five thousand call centre employees could be eligible to join the lawsuit, including those that worked in call centres in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Idaho, Oregon, and Texas.

The claims have been denied by Dell officials in papers that have been filed in court, but the company has not yet responded to the class action lawsuit.


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