Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed


A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in Cook County by the parents of a toddler who was recently killed after an iron gate fell on him and crushed him. The incident occurred last week at the Cabrini-Green rowhouses.

The project’s management firm has been accused of negligence, with the lawsuit claiming that the gate fell on the child and crushed him because of faulty hinges. An attorney for the mother of the deceased three year old boy said: “Two of the three hinges that kept this heavy gate in place were rusted through.”

The lawsuit is seeking more than fifty thousand dollars from the private firm that manages the rowhouses, Urban Property Advisers. According to reports the gate had failed a building code inspection, and an investigation into the death is to continue.

The mother’s attorney went on to state: “The thing speaks for itself. The moral to the story is a 300- or 400-pound iron gate that’s 6½-feet high, 5½-feet wide just doesn’t fall down on top a 3-year-old boy when they’re playing without negligence.”


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