Zell Brands Lawsuit Frivolous


A lawsuit that has been filed against the Tribune Co has been branded frivolous by the Tribune Chairman and CEO Sam Zell. The lawsuit was filed by Los Angeles Times staffers, who claimed that the acquisition of the company was a scam.

In response to the lawsuit Zell stated: “The lawsuit filed yesterday is filled with frivolous and unfounded allegations, and I hope every partner in this company is as outraged as I am at having to spend the time and money required to defend ourselves against it. The media industry is in crisis, the advertising environment is extremely difficult and the economy is in turmoil.”

He added: “The overwhelming majority of our employees have taken up the challenge — they are working hard, leading by example, and devoting themselves to re-inventing our businesses by developing new and innovative products for our readers, viewers, and advertisers. As a company we are attacking our problems and revolutionizing the media industry.”

Zell concluded: “The lawsuit is a mere distraction, and we will work quickly to see that it is dismissed. It will not deter us from completing the work ahead.”


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