Willis to Counter-sue over Lawsuit


Hollywood A list actor Bruce Willis is reportedly counter-suing over a lawsuit that was filed against him by a movie company. Willis, who has been in many hit movies such as the Die Hard series, The Sixth Sense, and many others, said that the lawsuit that had been filed against him was ‘frivolous’ and ‘absurd’.The lawsuit was filed against the actor after a film company accused him of walking out on a recent movie project. The film company claims that Bruce Willis signed a two hundred thousand dollar contract to direct the movie ‘Three Stories about Joan’, which was to star fellow A list actor Owen Wilson.

The firm claims that the star walked out on the project during filming but a lawyer working for the movie star said that the lawsuit filed against Willis was baseless. He said that the companies that were involved in the movie, which were Foresight Unlimited, Signature Entertainment Group and Three Stories Productions, did not put any funding into an Escrow account for Willis before the project began.

The lawyer said that the claims were “absurd and without merit. Why would you render services knowing you’re not getting paid? I’ve been practicing over thirty years and I can’t think of a more frivolous lawsuit that I’ve ever seen.”


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