Cosmetics Queen Filed Lawsuit After Bankruptcy


A cosmetics businesswoman from Chicago has filed a lawsuit against a man who she claims defrauded her by persuading her to invest in a new company that failed and left her bankrupt. The lawsuit was filed by Marilyn Miglin against James Mellon in Cook County Circuit Court.

According to the lawsuit Miglin lost $2.5 million dollars as the result of investing in the start up company. The company was marketing a device that was supposed to effectively treat the condition of spider veins, which are similar to varicose veins.

According to the lawsuit Mr Mellor pretended to be a friend of Miglin’s late husband, as well as claiming to be a member of a wealthy Pittsburgh family. In 2002 Mr Mellor admitted to a count of mail fraud in connection with the scheme and served three years probation.

Ms Miglin stated: “This introduction came at a time when I was terribly vulnerable, and I thought this would help me focus on helping women feel better about themselves rather than thinking about my own problems.”


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