US District Judge Rules on Mass Tort Case Against Johnson & Johnson In Talcum Powder Scheme

US District Judge, Mark A. Kearney, has ruled that a Pennsylvania case against talc powder producer, Imerys, and supplier, Johnson & Johnson may proceed. The case involves a woman who died of ovarian cancer that was caused by the talc powder. It was reported that the Imerys initially placed a health safety warning label on its product, which was never placed on the product bottles by Johnson & Johnson. Imerys tried to get case dismissed based on lack of jurisdiction since Imerys doesn’t conduct business in Pennsylvania nor does it have a business address, phone number or bank account in PA. However, the judge ruled based on the fact that it registered to do business as a foreign corporation in PA in 2007.

In the cities of New Jersey and Missouri, Johnson & Johnson now faces almost 1, 200 lawsuits. The claims charge the company for failing to warn the users of the medical dangers of using this product. At the start of 2016, Johnson & Johnson was ordered by juries in St. Louis to payout an 8-figure compensation to the victims of the same talc powder. However, the manufacturer is now facing the same allegations in Pennsylvania. The case has future proceeded and hearings and will continue until a resolution is reached.

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