Millionaire Sued By Aspiring Model


A former aspiring model has sued a millionaire over claims that he promised to help her modelling career in exchange for sexual favours. Maximilia Cordero claims that the millionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, promised to help her career in exchange for sexual favors. Her lawyer stated: “She went as a young model with hopes of a future.”

According to the defense Cordero was suffering emotional problems at the time and was insane. However, a lawyer for Epstein stated: “It took seven years to bring the suit, the woman acknowledged that she is insane, but she knew how to read a newspaper, and she knew the word rich.”

Epstein is also facing other charges in Florida that are not related to this case. Cordero was just sixteen when she claims that she was asked for sexual favors, and Epstein is facing charges in Florida for paying underage girls to give him massages at his Palm Beach property.

Cordero’s lawsuit claims that Epstein stated: “I love how young you are. You have a tight butt like a baby. I love girls your age.” She claims that Epstein tried to get her to bring her teenage friends around.


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