Lawyer Files Lawsuit Against Star


A lawyer has filed a lawsuit against the young star of the Disney hit, High School Musical. The former lawyer of the star, eighteen year old Vanessa Hudgens, claims that she owes him one hundred and fifty thousand dollars according to his court documents. Hudgens is now seeking the have the lawsuit dismissed.

The lawyer, Brian Schall, claims that the singer and actress owes him the money due to breach of contract and unjust enrichment. The star acted in the popular Disney movie and the sequel, and became popular amongst young American teenagers.

The lawsuit claims that when the star signed a contract with the lawyer in 2005 he advanced her costs and expenses based on her acting and singing career. He said that he made up contracts for her that helped her to earn money, and although she has made some payments to him she still owes him the one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Court papers that have been filed by Hudgens’ lawyers claim that the California Family Code “provides that the contract of a minor is voidable and may be disaffirmed before age 18 or within a reasonable time afterward.”


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