$40 Million Talc Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson


$40 Million Talc Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson 

A $40 million verdict was recently awarded to a California woman after she used Johnson & Johnson’s talc.  Though the company insists its talc is perfectly safe, it appears as though that is not the case.  A court recently awarded the damages noted above to Nancy and Phil Cabibi after Nancy developed pleural mesothelioma back in 2017.  The court agreed Cabibi’s use of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder spurred the onset of mesothelioma.  

About the Case

Cabibi’s case is one of many filed against Johnson & Johnson, alleging the company’s talc is responsible for the onset of mesothelioma and other health maladies.  The jury in Cabibi’s case needed less than a week of deliberation to decide Johnson & Johnson would have to pay a whopping $40 million in damages.  Cabibi’s pleural mesothelioma diagnosis led to an array of complex and costly medical procedures ranging from surgical intervention to chemotherapy, subsequent radiation and even immunotherapy.  

An analysis of Cabibi’s body tissue revealed tremolite and anthophyllite asbestos were present.  Both forms of asbestos are well-known contaminants within Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder product as well as its Shower to Shower product, each of which were used by Cabibi. Johnson & Johnson attorneys argued Cabibi was subjected to asbestos by proximity as she lived in a part of Los Angeles where numerous industries likely used asbestos.

The Logic Behind the Massive Award

The jury in Cabibi V. Johnson & Johnson determined the company’s baby powder was defective due to the presence of asbestos.  The jury determined this powder was the sole cause of Cabibi’s pleural mesothelioma.  Though it is hard to believe using baby powder can lead to the onset of mesothelioma, it occurred in Cabibi’s case as well as several others.  Mesothelioma is significant as it is a deadly type of cancer. 

The jury decided to award Cabibi $40 million dollars as they did not agree with Johnson & Johnson attorneys’ claims that her development of pleural mesothelioma resulted from exposure to the asbestos in her part of Los Angeles.  The truth is Cabibi did not live, work or step foot in a facility containing asbestos.  As a result, it is quite clear that the onset of pleural mesothelioma is the result of using the company’s baby powder.

The Fallout

Though Cabibi will certainly benefit from her financial windfall, she would prefer to be completely healthy without the money.  The sad truth is money will provide little benefit to someone struggling to survive due to completely preventable exposure to asbestos within Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder.  Cabibi’s attorney, David Greenstone, stated he is pleased with the verdict yet he will continue to advocate on behalf of those who have been harmed by asbestos exposure resulting from corporate negligence.

One of Many Awards

Cabibi’s victory is one of many against Johnson & Johnson.  Earlier this year, a team of attorneys representing four individuals saddled by mesothelioma sued Johnson & Johnson in the company’s corporate home of New Jersey.  The jury determined these four unlucky victims were subjected to asbestos when using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder.  As a result, these plaintiffs were awarded $37.3 million.  Joanne Anderson, a plaintiff from Oregon, was awarded more than $25 million in the spring of 2018 after it was determined design and manufacturing flaws in the company’s baby powder resulted in asbestos contamination.

Legal Info is Here to Help

If you are suffering from mesothelioma after using Johnson & Johnson products or have any other injury related to the use of a product or a company’s negligence, you deserve compensation.  Our attorneys are here to spearhead your quest for justice.  Give us a call at (888) 473-4416 to find the right attorney to review your case and push for compensation on your behalf.


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