Disney Sued By Comedy Writer

The world famous Walt Disney Company is being used by a writer/producer, who claims that the company ripped off one of his ideas to create a show. Morris Taylor Sheffield, the Los Angeles writer and producer, has already penned a number of hit shows, such as Fox’s In Living Color, and Nickelodeon’s Roundhouse.According to the lawsuit, Sheffield approached Disney bosses with an idea for a children’s television show in 2001. The idea was about a boy in junior high school who also led a secret life as a pop star. The writer claims that the idea was used for the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana.

The lawsuit goes on to state that Disney bosses appeared interested in the whole concept and asked Sheffield to write a number of scenes as samples. However, a week or so after he did Disney stated that they were not going to take on the project.

Hannah Montana was then launched by the Disney channel in 2006. The show is about a teenage girl that also has a secret life as a pop star, and quickly went on to become on of the channel’s highest rated shows.

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