Chinese Pet Treats Makes Thousands of Cats and Dogs Ill


Federal officials have reported that around 600 pets have died after consuming jerky treats manufactured in China. revealed that dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages have become ill after eating duck, sweet potato and chicken flavor treats. Despite thorough testing, the root cause of the illnesses and deaths remains elusive. The FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine deputy director, Martine Hartogensis, stated that illness in dogs and cats continues to be reported despite the warnings regarding the treats.

The Food and Drug Administration has an ongoing investigation into the treats based on complaints filed by consumers. This has resulted in two class-action lawsuits. The first one was filed against Milo’s Kitchen, which is a subsidiary of the Del Monte company and sells Chicken Jerky Dog Treats that have been manufactured in China. The suit alleges that the treats have caused illness and killed dogs. The monetary amount of the suit is undisclosed. The second class-action suit, in the amount of five million dollars, was filed against Nestlé Purina Petcare Company alleging its Waggin’ Train Yam Good chicken treats caused dogs to suffer kidney failure.

Overall, 10 cats and 3,600 dogs have fallen sick after consuming jerky treats. This represents the number of reports as of September 24, 2013.

The FDA has released a fact sheet about the treats, which are sold in the form of strips or tenders and contain duck, chicken, dried fruit and sweet potato, or a mix of all. Samples of the product were tested for substances known to cause the sort of illness that was reported. Included in the tests were antibiotics, metals, pesticides and salmonella among other poisons and chemicals. Nutritional components were also examined, namely protein, crude fiber, moisture, ash and fatty acids.

Currently, the cause of the sickness and deaths is not known.


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