Coca-Cola Being Sued over VitaminWater Claims

Coca-Cola has been hit with a class action lawsuit over the claims it makes with its VitaminWater products. The company claims that the product prevent various diseases, promotes healthy joints, and boosts the immune system. However, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) said that there are thirty three grams of processed sugar in each serving, which could actually do more harm than good.
According to officials from the CSPI the product could actually cause problems such as obesity and diabetes, and has added that Coca-Cola is making health claims that are beyond those that are allowed by the Food and Drugs Administration.

The CSPI wants Coca-Cola to stop using such claims in its marketing of VitaminWater products. Officials are concerned that there is a growing trend of sugary products being laced with a small amount of synthetic vitamins so that it can be claimed that they are beneficial to health.

The CSPI said: “Coke markets Vitaminwater as a healthful alternative to soda by labeling its several flavors with such health buzz words as ‘defense,’ ‘rescue,’ ‘energy’ and ‘endurance.'”

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