Family Filed Wrongful Death Lawsuit


A company that deals with educational trips for students is being sued by the parents of a teenager that died last summer. The company against which the Minnesota family has filed the lawsuit claims to have links to former President Eisenhower. The lawsuit has been filed against People to People Student Ambassador Programs.

The lawsuit claims that sixteen year old Tyler Hill told staff members that he had Type I diabetes last year prior to a trip to Japan. The lawsuit further claims that Tyler needed medical attention after climbing Mount Fuji but that staff failed to get him the medical help that he needed.

People to People International, which claims to have links to Eisenhower, has also been named as part of the lawsuit. The lawsuit goes on to state that this alleged link to the former president is false and misleading.

The organization has come under fire recently after sending letters inviting their daughter to trips despite the fact that she died in 1992 when she was just several weeks old. The parents of the deceased baby said: “It makes you very angry because it makes you wonder how they could do that to someone. When they die you never forget, I mean, every day you think of them … there’s no excuse … it just re-opens the whole death all over again.”


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