Family of Dead Man Settle Lawsuit Against King County


A lawsuit against King County has been settled for one and a half million dollars after the lawsuit was filed by the family of a twenty one year old man that was killed by a metro bus. Michael Dahlquist died in April 2007 after the bus swerved into his lane killing him as the result of a head on collision.

The driver that was driving the other vehicle was Sandie Olosky, and a passenger in his truck was also apparently injured as a result of the collision. Michael’s father Jeff Dahlquist said: “I still have nightmares all the time of that day. Nobody ever wants to ever experience it.”

The driver of the bus was fired from her job after being cited for negligent driving by the Washington State Patrol. She apparently had a number of complaints filed against her since 1997, and had already been fired from her job once but had then been reinstated.

The boy’s mother said that no amount of money would make up for the loss, stating: “If we would have gotten a $10 million settlement we still would be as empty as we are now. There is no amount of money that could change the heartache that she has caused us.”


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