Family Of Dead Woman Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit


The family of a woman that was found stabbed to death has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the husband of the decedent. Jennifer Turner was found stabbed to death in her home last month. The family alleges that Jennifer was murdered and that her husband is the one that did it, hence the filing of the lawsuit.

According to court documents that were filed by the executor of Jennifer Turner’s will, her husband, Kirk, went to the home where he proceeded to use a sharp object to cut Jennifer’s throat and stab her. This resulted in the death of the woman.

Mr Turner, against whom the lawsuit has been filed, is an area dentist. He has not yet been charged with any crime, according to investigators, who have described him as a person of interest.

However, reports also state that in July, shortly before she was found dead, Jennifer Turner had filed an alienation of affection lawsuit, which didn’t actually make it as far as court before she died.


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