Family Settles Ferry Death Lawsuit


The family of a woman who died in a ferry tragedy has settled the lawsuit that was filed against the ferry company. The family of Shirley Rosette decided to settle the lawsuit that had been filed against BC Ferries one month before the trial was due to begin.
The woman was one of two passengers to die when the ferry failed to alter its course and crashed into an island in 2006. Nearly one hundred people escaped from the Queen of the North after she sank, but two bodies were not found and declared dead, one of these being Shirley Rossette.

BC Ferries were accused to negligence over the sinking and deaths, and the families of both deceased filed wrongful death lawsuits against the company. The other passenger that died was Gerald Foisy, who was Rossette’s companion, and the case relating to his death is still due to go ahead.

BC Ferries had admitted liability in the case, but has asked that the Foisy trail be split into two parts; one to determine damaged and the other to decide if there was recklessness involved. If the company is not found to have been reckless it has asked that damaged be limited to $330,000.


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