Lawsuit Filed Against J Lo and Other Movie Cast Members


A lawsuit has been filed against Hollywood superstar and singing sensation, Jennifer Lopez, over the script of one of her movies. It is not just Jennifer, otherwise known as J Lo, that is being sued, but also a number of other cast members that were involved in the same movie,The lawsuit relates to the movie Monster in Law, and has been filed by a woman from North Carolina who claims that the superstar and other cast members stole her script ideas for the movie, which made over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Sheri Gilbert, who filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Raleigh, said that she should receive a share of the one hundred and fifty five thousand dollars that the movie made. She claims that she is the victim of copyright infringement. Gilbert and her husband claim that the movie was made through stealing a character from a script that they wrote in 1998.

However, an attorney representing the defendants in the lawsuit said that the pushy mother in law character in the movie cannot be seen as a specific character, but Gilbert insists that there are too many similarities between the character in her script and the one in the movie.


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