Felony DUI Offender Arrested After Crashing Bicycle

A man under the influence who was already previously convicted of a felony DUI was taken into custody for violating probation due to a crash involving his bicycle reportedly crashing into a vehicle.

After receiving a ticket for disobeying traffic lights Edwin Knight, 50 was arrested on a probation hold on Sunday.

Early on Monday Knight’s bail was set to $50k after he appeared at the Gallatin County Justice Court.

Knight’s probation report states he ran a stop sign while on his bike and according to the report the police alleged he hit and dented a vehicle. Two hours after the crash he was administered a breathalyzer test and his blood alcohol level reportedly was 0.322.

Knight was involved in a crash in October of 2014 where he was charged with a DUI. In 2015 Knight was convicted of a felony DUI.

In that case according to the report the Montana Highway Patrol were responding to an accident on the intersection of Kent Spur road where a car had been swerving and had eventually hit a power pole.

During this time, Knight already had three prior DUI convictions.

Knight pleaded guilty, he was committed to a 13 month alcohol treatment program at the Department of Corrections and five years of probation.

Knight’s probation officer reported Knights breath alcohol level was 0.273, that he did not attend the 13 month program, and went to a casino bar in Livingston. So in December the Gallatin County Attorney’s office petition to revoke his sentence.

“(Knight’s) history shows that he is unable to maintain an alcohol-free lifestyle. (Knight) has shown he is not suitable for community supervision,” wrote the probation officer.

Knight’s sentence has sense been revoked and a new sentence of a four year suspended sentence was administered.

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