Hot Headed Model Settles Lawsuit

British model Naomi Campbell, who is known for being hot headed, aggressive, and impulsive, has settled a lawsuit that was filed against her by a former maid, who alleged that she was assaulted by the supermodel and was called names, before being threatened of being accused of theft.
The former maid, Gaby Gibson, who worked with Campbell between November 2005 and January 2006, said that she was assaulted by the model when she couldn’t find a pair of designer jeans that she wanted to wear. She filed her lawsuit in a Manhattan court.

The lawsuit claimed that Campbell hit her maid and then called her names because she could not find her jeans. She is then said to have threatened her maid, telling her that she would charge her with theft over the missing jeans.

The lawsuit has now been settled, although details of the settlement remain confidential. A lawyer working on the case said that both parties involved in the lawsuit were happy with the outcome.

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