Lawsuit Filed After Death Of Boxer’s Sister


A lawsuit has been filed over the death of the sister of Joe Louis, a Detroit boxing legend. His sister died after freezing outside an assisted living center five months ago. The ninety two year old woman wandered outside, and subsequently froze to death, and the centre, the Heatherwood, has been accused of negligence for allowing this to happen.

According to the lawsuit Vunies High died of hypothermia in February of this year. Her face is said to have been stuck in the ice on the ground. The lawsuit is seeking in excess of seventy five thousand dollars by way of damages.

The defendant in the lawsuit is Capital Senior Living Properties, which manages and operates the assisted living centre. The lawsuit was filed earlier this week in federal court in Detroit. The deceased’s brother, a former heavyweight boxing champion, died in 1981.

The deceased’s son said that the incident should never have occurred and could have been prevented. A lawyer for the family said: “Here she walked out the front door of the building and was left all night, in the freezing cold. And then was found, just a few short feet in front of the front door, not until ten o’clock the next morning.”


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