Settlement For Family Of Man That Choked To Death


The family of a man that choked to death has received a settlement after filing a lawsuit against the institutions blamed for the man’s death. Luke Warman died in 2003 after he choked to death on food that was given to him at an Dallas area nursing home.

The lawsuit was filed by the sister of the deceased against the Lakeside Nursing Center in Dallas. The lawsuit claimed that the deceased suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which amongst others things affected his ability to swallow. The nursing home was accused of negligence that led to the man’s death.

Mr. Warman, who was admitted to the nursing home just weeks before his death, had been tested prior to admission to the home, and as a result of his medical problems had been placed on an all liquid diet. A number of other defendants had also been named as part of the lawsuit.

The settlement reached with the family of the deceased was for $250,000. Reports state that despite being unable to swallow Mr Warman was given solid food and choked, which caused brain damage and resulted in his death the following day.


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