Lawsuit Filed Against Greenville Police Officers


A lawsuit has been filed against Greenville police officers in relation to an incident where a man was shot and injured. The Eaton County man, thirty five year old Candy Cadwell, has filed the lawsuit in US District Court and is seeking seventy five thousand dollars in damages.

The plaintiff has accused the two officers, officer Keith Swanson and former officer Jeffrey Kluzak, of gross negligence, misconduct, battery, and inflicting emotional distress. Apparently the whole incident was captured on CCTV that was fitted to the dashboard of the patrol car.

According to reports the footage shows Cadwell driving away from the officers over a lawn, but the officer goes after him on foot brandishing a gun. He then starts shooting at the vehicle, and one bullet goes through the window and shoots Cadwell in the knee.

The footage from the car was apparently destroyed when the officer tried to view it before it was submitted for evidence. The lawsuit states: “The in-car video from Swanson’s car confirms that Cadwell presented no threat whatever to Swanson and/or Kluzak.”


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