Man Files Lawsuit Against Chicago Cops


A paralyzed man has filed a lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department, stating that he was ignored and beaten by officers when he ran into problems in 2006. The man, Daniel Casares, was actually accused of striking an officer and resisting arrest, but he has denied this claims, accusing the police of beating him.

Casares, who has been paralyzed since 2002, said that he was struggling to get out of his car, but officer ignored his pleas. Instead, he claims that they dragged him from the vehicle and then beat him. He has accused the officers of violating his constitutional rights.

Casares said: “Just because I was sitting in the car and they didn’t see me in the wheelchair gives them the right to drag me out and pull me out like that? They should have known off the bat once they pulled me out the car and I fell straight to the ground that I was handicapped. . . . It’s common sense.”

He further claims that he is physically incapable of striking an officer, and accused the officers of inappropriate behaviour. Daniel’s sister was also at the scene, and tried to inform the officers that her brother was paralyzed. She said: “Daniel was screaming ‘No, I can’t move! I can’t move!’ And they just kept telling him to get out of the car.”


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