Restaurant and Weight Watchers Sued by Law Firm


A law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against the restaurant Applebees, also naming its parent company and the weight loss company Weight Watchers as defendants. The Washington DC law firm has filed the lawsuit against the Overland Park based eatery, submitting a twenty seven page lawsuit.
According to the lawsuit the restaurant conspired with the weight loss firm Weight Watchers to misled customers about the number of calories and amount of fat that was in certain items that were on the menu. It states that one menu item was advertised as having six grams of fat but upon analysis was found to have twelve grams of fat.

The law firm has said that any customer that has dined from the Weight Watchers menu at the chain over the past two years could be eligible to be part of the class action lawsuit, as they may have been misled about how much fat or how many calories they were consuming.

With an increasing number of people becoming more conscious about the health implications of being overweight many now tend to rely on the fat and calorie content information that is often used on menus, so any misleading information could be detrimental to the customer.


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