Ridley Scott Faces Lawsuit By DEA Officers


World famous film mogul Ridley Scott is facing a lawsuit filed by Drug Enforcement Agency officers over his portrayal of officers in the recent box office hit American Gangster. The movie shows DEA officers bursting into the home of a drug dealer, shooting his dog, beating his wife, and stealing money.

However, the DEA officers involved in the case that the movie was based on state that this was a false portrayal, and was fabricated. One of the officers involved in the real raid on Frank Lucas’ home in 1975 stated: “It’s a total fabrication. I did not shoot his dog, beat his wife or steal his money.”

He added: “Mr Lucas greeted me at the front door in a bathrobe. He was not in a tuxedo. At the same time, his wife and maid were climbing out the back window with $26,000 in cash in brown paper bags. It was routine until we found half a million dollars. At that time, we assigned three agents to witness counting it and sealing it on site. It was used as evidence in the trial.”

Another of the plaintiffs said: “Most of the movie is not true. If they had said ‘This is based on a false story’ it would have been a lot better.” Scott is now facing a fifty million dollar lawsuit filed by the officers, who have expressed horror at the way DEA officers were portrayed. The movie starred Hollywood stars Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington.


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