Collapse of Lawsuit Relating to Borat Movie


According to recent reports more lawsuits that were filed in relation to the movie Borat have been thrown out of court by a judge. The lawsuits had been filed by two etiquette school teachers and a driving instructor. However, the New York judge found that the plaintiffs had not been deceived and threw the cases out of court.

The judge, Loretta Preska, stated that all three of the plaintiffs had both accepted money and signed agreements that released the film makers from any liability. The agreements that were signed stated that the plaintiffs were agreeing to appear in a ‘documentary style’ film.

Sacha Baron Cohen, the star of the Borat movie, performed a number of gag style interviews as part of the movie as it was being made. However, a number of people that were involved have come forward claiming to feel humiliated after the release of the movie because it was such a huge success and seen by so many people.

These are not the first lawsuits to be thrown out of court in relation to this movie. Following the movie’s release a group of students filed a lawsuit claiming that they were humiliated and defamed by the way that they were portrayed in the clip, but their lawsuit was also dismissed.


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