Sacramento Runner Killed Collision by suspected Drunk Driver

According to California Highway Patrol the man involved in the collision which killed Theresa McCourt, a well known Sacramento runner, was arrested and suspected of drunk driving.

The accident happened last week in south Sacramento, McCourt, 58, was hospitalized as a result of being hit with the vehicle. She was in the hospital over the weekend before she unfortunately passed away Sunday night.

McCourt struggled with a memory disability and according to the Sacramento Police she went missing from her home in the 4200 block of U street in the morning on Thursday. Officers started to search her neighborhood and surrounding areas that evening.

The California Highway Patrol informed the Sacramento police at about midnight that they had found her body and it had been hit by a car.

A Sacramento man by the name of Andre Pointer, 41, hit McCourt with his vehicle around 10:45 p.m. on Thursday. McCourt had been walking on the westbound roadway on 47th Avenue in an eastbound lane.

According to CHP, McCourt was rushed to the hospital after Pointer saw her in the path and tried to slam on his breaks but was unable to stop.

On Friday she was reported to be in critical condition. Unfortunately, she was taken of life support and died on Sunday night.

CHP said Pointer remained at the crash scene. Officers interviewed him and discovered he had been driving under the influence. He was then arrested and taken to the Sacramento County Jail to be booked.

The CHP Representative Officer Michael Bradley said the alcohol and other factors will be taken into account and will be a deciding factor on whether or not Pointer will face manslaughter.

Clocking in a 2 hour and 50 minute marathon, McCourt was known for her speed during her early running career.

In 1994 McCourt won the inaugural Run to Feed the Hungry 10K in 38:17, it went through East Sacramento.

When McCourt was a young mother she helped start a group “Moms on M Street,” for stroller pushing parents.

They would walk down East Sacramento as a means of fitness and friendship said The M street group.

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