Verizon Hit With Lawsuit Over Firing Of Employee

Verizon has recently been hit with a retaliatory-harassment and unlawful-discharge lawsuit by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over the firing of an employee who complained about the sexually hostile work environment.

The former service technician at Verizon, Theresa Allen, said that co-workers retaliated as a result of her complaint and she was subjected to all sorts of harassment. This included having her name written in red paint, a toy rat being left dangling from the ceiling, and material of a sexual nature being left in the vehicles that she was using.

She further claims that she was subjected to inappropriate physical contact from her manager as well as offensive graffiti. She made the complaint about sexual harassment in 2006, and within a week of the first complaint the retaliation allegedly began.

She was eventually fired for taking two cups of rock salt home with her according to the report. One official said: “That retaliation is a worse violation than the offense itself. When you take this type of action against someone who does complain, there is the message you send to other employees: Don’t complain or you’ll get fired.”

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