SMC Sued Over Invoice


The Samaritan Medical Center is being sued by a firm that claims that the center owes it nearly half a million dollars due to an unpaid invoice. Architectural and Engineering firm SmithGroup PLLC is now asking the court to award it all of the money from the invoice as well as interest on the amount.

The invoice that is under dispute is for $479,849 and was issued to the SMC for works carried out by SmithGroup between April 2006 and August 2007. The firm claims that it was hired by SMC in 2006 but the contract was later terminated because of problems with the budget.

An official from SMC confirmed that there is an invoice for that amount that is under dispute, but claimed that the lawsuit from SmithGroup came as a complete surprise because the matter was in mediation. She said: “We have been working through our disagreement relative to the invoice and we consider it in mediation.”

According to SmithGroup it sent the final invoice for works that had already been carried out before termination of contract in September of last year, but the invoice has never been settled by SMC.


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