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Texas Teen Gets 10 Years of Probation After Killing 4 People in DUI Accident

Friday, December 13th, 2013

The Texas teen Ethan Couch, came under the grip of the law when he ran down 4 people with his vehicle while driving fully under the influence of alcohol. The victims died instantly in this tragic accident. For the bereaved families, Ethan Couch was nothing more than a rich and spoiled murderer who should be punished equally. However, to Ethan’s criminal defense lawyers and his psychologist, he is a victim of “affluenza,” a product of wealthy parents who never set any limits upon their child, making him reckless enough to drink excessively and then drive, killing 4 people. The judge himself who sentenced Ethan Couch to 10 years’ probation period, but not a jail time, had similar feelings about the spoiled young man and agreed that he needed treatment, not jail time.

Understandably, this was not a decision which the prosecution and the victims’ families were expecting. According to them, Couch got off easy after committing such a heinous act. A probation of 10 years is not even close to what the families of the deceased have gone through. Prosecutors on their part were asking for at least 20 years’ jail time with hard labor. One of the members of the family of the deceased, Eric Boyles, said that justice was not done for him. Eric Boyles lost his wife and daughter in the incident and expressed his mournful views on “Anderson Cooper 360” show at CNN.

Ethan Couch’s defense lawyer said that Ethan cannot be the only one held responsible for this sad incident, his parents must also share the blame equally. They have spoiled their kid, never set any limits and gave him everything without disciplining him. According to Ethan’s psychologist, he carried further the blame his parents describing the family’s value has always been that “wealth brings everything.” Such a thought process has kept Ethan from developing a responsible social behavior. Ethan’s psychologist Dr. Drew mentioned such a condition as “affluenza.”

Ethan Couch was sentenced to 10 years’ probation period by the juvenile court and if he violates his 10-year term during the tenure, he might well face another 10 years’ incarceration period. This was the official statement given by the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. The judge also said that during this probation Ethan Couch will not be able to keep in contact with his parents and will remain in a treatment facility throughout the entire term.