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Family Gets $10 Million In A Poisoned-Painted Home Personal Injury Claim

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

A Californian family has received $10 million in a personal injury claim filed against a realtor known as Carltran Associates. The claim was based on the family’s son suffering from severe lead poisoning caused by the hazardous paint in the home they were renting from the Carltran family. The family renting said that it was the realtor’s responsibility to make the necessary repairs required for the home to be safe before renting it out.  The Carltran’s property manager failed to ensure that every hazardous substance was removed from the home or that repairs were done before renting out the home to the Nolan’s Family.

During the trial, a home inspection team went to the Nolan’s rented house and found clear signs of damage and chipped paint in and outside the home. The realtor did not take the damages and other issues seriously and rented out the home to the Nolan family. The Los Angeles Department of Public Health has notified the Carltran famliy of the required repairs but the family waiting five months before beginning.

The Nolan Family first filed a personal injury claim against the Carltrans in 2013 after obtaining the blood tests of their son which stated that the child had lead poisoned. This happened due to continued exposure to the hazardous poisonous paint and rust in the home they were renting from the Carltran family.

The child suffered permanent brain damage and wasn’t able to form words when speaking.  He will require special care for the rest of his life.  The inspection and the medical treatment of the Nolan family’s son become the basis of court’s decision to reach a settlement of $10 million.