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Towing Companies at Center of Lawsuit

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Four towing companies from the Chicago area have found themselves at the centre of a lawsuit that has been filed by Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez. She claims that the companies in question have been targeting drivers that have been involved in road traffic accidents, are overcharging for service, and in some cases are charging for services that they have not even performed.
The four companies that are named in the lawsuit are from Chicago and Blue Island, and include Road America Automotive, City Wide Auto, Pro Auto and Showtime Towing. The owners of the companies have also been named in the lawsuit, and they are Azzam Al-Hindi, Tareq Al-Hindi, Saher Ashkar and Adel Suhail.

The lawsuit claims that the companies and their drivers monitored police scanners, and when motorists were involved in road traffic accidents they sent tow trucks out, often telling the motorist that they would be working with police and would repair the vehicle at their facility.

The lawsuit further claims that drivers would offer to tow the vehicle away for the cost of one hundred and twenty five dollars, but then demanded ridiculous fees of over six thousand dollars before they would actually release the vehicle.

Lawsuit Filed over Closure of Broadband School

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

A lawsuit has been filed over the closure of a boarding school, with plaintiffs coming from a number of different states as well as from Great Britain. The suit has been filed over the closure of Conserve School in Land O’Lakes, which is in northern Wisconsin.
The school is a private boarding school for students that are interested in the environment and the outdoors, and has been running for four years. Parents claim in the lawsuit that board of the school mis-managed funds, and failed in its duties to ensure the effective running of the learning establishment.

The lawsuit claims that board members invested a large amount of the one hundred and ninety million trust fund in another company, where they also served on the board, which was Central Steel and Wire based in Chicago. The lawsuit was filed last week in Vilas County Circuit Court.

With regards to the lawsuit one school official stated: “We knew this would be very disheartening for the parents because it is very disheartening for us. But we are very confident in our position and that we will prevail.”

Lawsuit Over Wrongful Death Moves Forward

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

A lawsuit that was filed against a North Carolina town over the wrongful death of a woman has been moved forward according to a recent report. The lawsuit was filed against the town by a woman who claimed that no protection was offered to her daughter after a protective order was issues, and as a result she was killed.
According to reports the case is due to start early next week at Yadkin County Superior Court. The case had been set to start earlier but when the judge and attorneys had to meet privately jurors in the case had to be sent home and the case was delayed.

The lawsuit was filed against the town, Jonesville, by the mother of the deceased woman, Vernetta Cockerham-Ellerbee, four years ago. According to the lawsuit the town and two of its officers failed to protect her seventeen year old daughter Candace Cockerham.

Candace was found stabbed and suffocated in November of 2002. About a week after the murder her estranged husband, Richard Ellerbee, apparently committed suicide.

Shooting Range Lawsuit Dismissed

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

A lawsuit that was filed against the owner of a shooting range close to Whitefish has been thrown out of court, according to a recent report. The lawsuit had been filed by a group of neighbours, but the presiding judge in the case ruled in favour of the defendant on all eight counts and dismissed the lawsuit.
The lawsuit was filed by the neighbours about a year ago against Texas businessman Robert Hayes. The lawsuit claimed that the defendant was causing a public nuisance and violating constitutional guarantees because of the extreme noise that the shotgun blasts from the range were causing.

The lawsuit further claimed that the sale of nearby properties had been affected as a result of the noise and presence of the shotgun range, both animals and people have been startled by the noise, and has prevented those living in the area from enjoying the neighbourhood.

However, state laws rule that if shooting takes place within the opening hours of the range then it does not constitute a public nuisance. Laws also promote safety and enjoyment o shooting sports through protection of places such as shooting ranges.

AC Casino Hotel Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

A hotel casino in Atlantic City has settled a discrimination lawsuit that was filed against it according to a recent report. The lawsuit had been filed against Caesar’s casino hotel in Atlantic City. The lawsuit was filed over the hotel’s hiring practices at its popular Toga Bar.
The majority of plaintiffs that were involved in the lawsuit were male bartends, and they claimed in the lawsuit that when it came to hiring they were often passed over for young female bar staff who could then be dressed in togas to reflect the theme of the hotel and the bar.

There were nineteen male bartenders and one female who were involved in the lawsuit, and a trial date has now been set to determine what sort of damages the plaintiffs would be entitled to. As part of a confidential settlement Caesar’s has not admitted any wrongdoing.

Opened in 2004, it was hoped that having goddesses as bartenders would attract a younger clientele, according to the report. However, hiring practices have now been changed, as the bar has been taken over by Harrah’s Entertainment.

Trucker Discrimination Lawsuit Settled by Wal-Mart

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Recent reports have shown that the retail giant Wal-Mart has settled a lawsuit that was filed over trucker discrimination. The lawsuit that had been filed against Wal-Mart had claimed that the company was discriminating against African American people that were trying to seek work as truck drivers.
Officials from Wal-Mart have now confirmed that the lawsuit has been settled for seventeen and a half million dollars, although the company had originally denied the allegations that had been made in the class action lawsuit, which was brought in 2004 by a man from Mississippi.

Wal-Mart said that it had not discriminated “on the basis of race in recruitment and hiring for the position of over-the-road truck driver in Wal-Mart’s private fleet.” The recently announced settled is still awaiting court approval according to reports.

The original lawsuit had been filed against Wal-Mart distribution centres in the states of Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia, and was given class action status.

Satanist Inmate Filed Lawsuit

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

A prison inmate who claims that he is a practising Satanist has filed a federal lawsuit after claiming that prison employees interfered with his religious practices after they confiscated a medallion that he claims is a protective symbol in his religion.
Jason Paul Indreland is serving three years at the Yellowstone County State Prison, after being jailed for possession of drugs. He has filed a lawsuit seeking ten million dollars, according to reports, and the lawsuit claims that prison staff would not return the medallion, nor would they allow the inmate access to a “Satanic Bible or Book of Satanic Rituals”.

Officials from the jail are also accused of placing “Christian greeting cards under (his) cell door” which claimed that “Jesus was ready to save and accept him”.The lawsuit was originally filed last March by the inmate, who said he has been practising Satanism for a decade.

In addition to the claims of religious interference, the lawsuit also claims that Indreland was denied medical care for his drug addiction, and that he suffered harassment and retaliation whilst he was in prison.

Shooting Victim’s Husband Files Lawsuit

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

The husband of a woman that became a victim of a police shooting has filed a lawsuit against both the police force and against the officers involved in the lawsuit. The woman was shot by a Henderson police officer during a traffic stop according to reports.

Zyber Selimaj, who is an ice cream truck driver, claims that his wife, Deshira Selimaj, was attempting to help her husband, who was born in Armenia, to communicate with the police when she was shot by the officer a year ago. He had been pulled over for a minor traffic violation.

However, police report that the forty two year old woman raised a knife in the direction of another officer before she was shot, and an inquest jury later said that the shooting was justified. However, the lawsuit contests this version of events and accuses the officers of trying to cover up an unlawful killing.

The husband of the victim is now seeking twenty five million dollars in damages as a result of the shooting, and his attorney has stated that as a result of the incident his client’s life has been ruined.

Chimp Owner May Face Lawsuit

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

A woman who owns a chimp could face an expensive civil lawsuit according to recent reports, after her two hundred pounds chimp mauled and disfigured her friend. The report also claims that the state could also face problems as a result of failing to take action.
The fourteen year old chimp, Travis, is said to have been shot and killed by police officers earlier in the week after he attacked his owner’s fifty five year old friend, Charla Nash. She suffered serious injuries to her face and her hands, which require more than seven hours of surgery by several teams of doctors.

Whilst the woman’s injuries are still being assesses some medical reports have suggested that she may need a face transplant. She was attacked by the chimp after arriving at her friend’s house to try and help get the chimp back inside.

One legal expert said: “I think there’s one helluva lawsuit against the owner. The reasonableness of having a 200-pound wild animal is just nonexistent. It’s not unforeseeable that such an animal could do what this animal has done.”

Government Joins Lawsuit Against Johnson and Johnson

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Recent reports have shown that the US government is now joining two lawsuits that have been filed against the pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson, and its Scios division, after the companies were accused to marketing one of their drugs for uses that had not been approved, thus accusing the companies of illegal marketing.
The companies have been accused of illegally marketing their drug Natrecor, which is a drug treatment for heart failure. The drug is given as treatment to patients that have heart failure of a congestive nature, which can cause shortness of breath.

However, the lawsuits claims that shortly after the drug received Food and Drugs Administration approval in 2001 the companies started to market it to patients that had less serious heart conditions, for which the drug had not been approved.

The maker of the drug is Scios Incorporated, and this was purchased by Johnson and Johnson in 2003. No data has yet been released with regards to the costs incurred as a result of prescribing the drug for off-label use as a result of this marketing.