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Second Lawsuit Filed Against Epstein

Friday, February 29th, 2008

A second multi-million dollar lawsuit has been filed against the fifty five year old Manhattan money manager, Jeffrey Epstein, with a young woman claiming that Epstein sexually assaulted her at his Palm Beach mansion when she was a teenager.

The most recent lawsuit is for fifty million dollars, and was filed earlier this week. This is the second lawsuit in as many weeks containing such allegations. It is claimed that the incident occurred in 2004 or 2005, when the girl was around sixteen years of age.

Jeffrey Herman, a lawyer that deals in sexual abuse cases, stated: “When they crossed this bridge, these girls had no idea what was in store for them. When they returned they came back without their innocence, without their youth. Their youth was lost on that side of the island. For them, this really is a bridge of tears.”

A lawyer working for Epstein responded by stating: “This is attorney Herman’s second 50-million-dollar lawsuit against Mr. Epstein. It is an outrageous, defamatory, copycat of the first. Both complaints are full of lies. Indeed, Mr. Herman’s first lawsuit was filed without the plaintiff’s knowledge and over her objection. Mr. Herman is now exposed to a contempt sanction.

Judge Rules In Hatcher’s Favor

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

A judge has ruled in actress Teri Hatcher’s favor after a cosmetics company launched a two million dollar lawsuit against the star. Hatcher, known for her role as Lois Lane in the Superman series and more recently the star of Desperate Housewives, was accused by the cosmetics firm of promoting other beauty products while still signed with them.

The two million dollar lawsuit, filed by Hydroderm, will now be sent to arbitration after the judge ruled that Hatcher was not guilty of breach of contract as accused in the lawsuit. Her lawyers have convinced an LA judge to send the case to arbitration.

Hatcher was reportedly paid nearly two and a half million dollars to promote the products of Hydroderm, but she claims that managerial changes in the company left her continually unsure of the terms of her contract. She was accused of breach of contract after advertising CityLips’ lip plumper.

Hatcher claims that this additional advertising did not affect the deal, and according to report the matter is now going to be resolved out of court.

Family Of Dead Inmate File Lawsuit

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

The family of a man that died in jail have filed a lawsuit over his death. The civil right lawsuit was filed in federal court, and was filed against a number of correctional officers as well as the sheriff. This comes after the family claimed that the man died under suspicious circumstances.

The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Chad Peterson. Mr Peterson, who was aged twenty six when he died, was in the Box Elder County Jail in November. He was found on 10th November hanging from his cell by a bed sheet.

According to the lawsuit Peterson had been mentally and emotionally unstable before going to jail, and had even written a suicide note. According to the lawsuit officials failed to provide the necessary supervision required given the man’s state of mind, and failed to provide “appropriate care to prevent plaintiff from harming himself.”

The FBI is also investigating a civil rights complaint into the man’s death. The family is asking for unspecified damages in relation to Peterson’s death.

Mother Files Lawsuit Over Abuse At School

Monday, February 25th, 2008

A lawsuit has been filed by the mother of a former student at Maplewood Elementary, with claims that the student suffered emotional and physical abuse at the school in 2006. The lawsuit has been filed against a teacher and against Fort Wayne Community Schools, and was filed in Allen Superior Court at the beginning of this month.

Stephanie Lanier filed the lawsuit on behalf of her son, claiming that one of the teachers, physical education teacher Darla Davis, ordered other students to beat her son up when he answered a question wrong. Also named as defendants in the lawsuit are Superintendent Wendy Robinson and former Principal David Weber.

As part of the lawsuit Lanier is alleging negligence, battery, failure to supervise, and emotional distress. She is seeking unspecified damages. As a result of the beating that was received Lanier claims that her son suffered physical and emotional injuries, and incurred medical expenses.

According to reports Davis had been reprimanded in 2000 by officials at Snider High School for inappropriate behaviour and problems in classes that she taught. The reprimand stated: “If any further incidents of inappropriate classroom management or grabbing of students were to occur it will result in disciplinary action up to or including termination.”

Sex Registry Lawsuit Filed By Watchdog

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

A lawsuit has been filed by a legal watchdog group over new regulations relating to a public sex registry. The class action lawsuit related to new requirements that stipulate that thousands of sec offender have to register their names onto the registry for longer than they were originally told, which the lawsuit claims is unconstitutional.

The lawsuit aims to stop the new requirements, and was filed in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court by the Ohio Justice and Policy Center. The requirement to register sex offender names for a longer period than was originally required is part of the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act.

As part of the law around one third of the sex offenders in Ohio now have to register their names on to the sex offenders register for longer than was originally required. The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of all sex offenders in Hamilton County.

“The law makes no sense,” said Margie Slagle, Ohio Justice and Policy Center staff attorney. “Labeling thousands as ‘worst of the worst’ offenders dilutes the registry and renders it meaningless to inform the public of the most dangerous sex offenders.”

Quiznos Sued By Rival Subway

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

In a battle of the sandwiches, Quiznos is being sued by renowned sandwich company Subway over its advertising campaign, which Subway officials state puts the company in a bad light without any justification. As part of the lawsuit Subway is suing both Quiznos and iFilm, a website that is owned by Viacom.

According to reports, Quiznos recently ran a campaign inviting members of the public to submit advertisements that attacked the rival sandwich company Subway – this was run as part of a competition. Subway has also objected to advertisement run by Quiznos that show consumers choosing Quiznos sandwiches over those offered by Subway.

According to officials from Subway “the contest rules, the promotion of the contest on the Quiznos and iFilm Web sites, and the use of the videos were all part of an organized campaign to penetrate the market in which Quiznos and Subway compete.”

However, Ronald Rothstein, a partner at the law firm Winston & Strawn, on behalf of Quiznos stated: “We’re just facilitating consumers who go out and create their own expression in the form of a commercial.”

Parents Can Continue With Lawsuit Over The Death Of Their Son

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

A judge has given the go ahead for the parents of a man that was killed in a shooting to continue with their lawsuit against the Vermont State Police. Their son, forty year old Joseph Fortunati, was killed in a shooting when he was shot several times by police in 2006.

According to some reports the Vermont State Police officers were justified in shooting the man. The reports claim that Joseph was pointing a gun at troopers when the incident occurred, and this is why police officers ended up firing at him.

However, the family of Fortunati claims that this was not the case and that he was not threatening police officers when he was shot and killed. In fact, the family of the deceased man claims that he was actually trying to drop his weapon at the time when the police officers opened fire.

A federal judge decided last week that the family would be granted permission to continue with the lawsuit against the police, as he stated that there was not enough evidence to show that officers acted reasonably in the shooting of the man.

Family Filed Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

A company that deals with educational trips for students is being sued by the parents of a teenager that died last summer. The company against which the Minnesota family has filed the lawsuit claims to have links to former President Eisenhower. The lawsuit has been filed against People to People Student Ambassador Programs.

The lawsuit claims that sixteen year old Tyler Hill told staff members that he had Type I diabetes last year prior to a trip to Japan. The lawsuit further claims that Tyler needed medical attention after climbing Mount Fuji but that staff failed to get him the medical help that he needed.

People to People International, which claims to have links to Eisenhower, has also been named as part of the lawsuit. The lawsuit goes on to state that this alleged link to the former president is false and misleading.

The organization has come under fire recently after sending letters inviting their daughter to trips despite the fact that she died in 1992 when she was just several weeks old. The parents of the deceased baby said: “It makes you very angry because it makes you wonder how they could do that to someone. When they die you never forget, I mean, every day you think of them … there’s no excuse … it just re-opens the whole death all over again.”

Drowned Boy’s Parents File Suit

Monday, February 18th, 2008

The parents of a boy who drowned in their swimming pool have filed a lawsuit. The parents, who come from Greenwich, claim that their six year old son died after his arm got trapped in a suction drain in their pool. The lawsuit was filed earlier in the week, and claims that the pool design breaches safety structures.

Brian and Karen Cohn filed the lawsuit in Stamford Superior Court against a number of defendants, including the town of Greenwich and Shoreline Pools. The boy, six year old Zachary, was trapped when his arm got stuck in the suction, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit goes on to state that the boy’s parents both jumped in to try and save their son when they realised that he was trapped but the suction was so powerful that they were unable to save him. They could not find the mechanism to turn the pump off.

The lawsuit claims that the swimming pool fell short of safety regulations, and that the shut off switch for use in such an emergency was not only placed in a remote place but was also not labelled so could not be easily identified.

Ridley Scott Faces Lawsuit By DEA Officers

Friday, February 15th, 2008

World famous film mogul Ridley Scott is facing a lawsuit filed by Drug Enforcement Agency officers over his portrayal of officers in the recent box office hit American Gangster. The movie shows DEA officers bursting into the home of a drug dealer, shooting his dog, beating his wife, and stealing money.

However, the DEA officers involved in the case that the movie was based on state that this was a false portrayal, and was fabricated. One of the officers involved in the real raid on Frank Lucas’ home in 1975 stated: “It’s a total fabrication. I did not shoot his dog, beat his wife or steal his money.”

He added: “Mr Lucas greeted me at the front door in a bathrobe. He was not in a tuxedo. At the same time, his wife and maid were climbing out the back window with $26,000 in cash in brown paper bags. It was routine until we found half a million dollars. At that time, we assigned three agents to witness counting it and sealing it on site. It was used as evidence in the trial.”

Another of the plaintiffs said: “Most of the movie is not true. If they had said ‘This is based on a false story’ it would have been a lot better.” Scott is now facing a fifty million dollar lawsuit filed by the officers, who have expressed horror at the way DEA officers were portrayed. The movie starred Hollywood stars Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington.