Animal Abuse Lawsuit Headed For Trial


A long awaited lawsuit between animal welfare advocated and one of the world’s best known circuses is set to go to trial in October of this year, according to a recent report. The lawsuit has been filed against Ringling Bros, which has been accused by animal groups of animal cruelty because of its treatment of endangered Asian elephants.

Ringling Bros has been accused of rough and unnecessary treatment of these elephants, which animal rights advocates have said constitutes animal cruelty. The circus has been going for one hundred and thirty eight years, and the elephant acts are a big part of the attraction for many circus goers.

Depending on the outcome of the trial the circus may have to stop touring with the elephants. The lawsuit was filed around eight years ago originally, and reports claim that a range of evidence indicating cruelty has been discovered, including injuries caused to elephants by the shackles that are used.

Other allegations include attempts by the circus to hide animal abuse from government regulators and the public, the deaths of three baby elephants that could have been prevented, and a number of other allegations.


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