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Workers' compensation is in place to support those who have had something unfortunate. Each year, millions of accidents, illnesses and deaths are reported in private industry workplaces each year. This means that roughly five workers per one hundred full-time workers are injured at work or become ill in the workplace each year. Certain work laws exist to guarantee that workers who are injured in the workplace will receive permanent financial awards. These laws were created in an effort to solve any kind of dispute outside of the courtroom.

For some, injuries on the job may result in a streamlined journey through the workers' compensation process, just as legislators intended when the system was created. For most, however, the injury may lead to a denied claim which, in turn, becomes a daunting appeals process full of complexities. Although Arizona law states that an injured employee should be able to navigate the system unrepresented, most who have weathered the process would recommend hiring a workers' compensation attorney. Regardless, workers' rights should be posted and accessible to all employees in the workplace.

In Arizona, an injured employee may appeal a denied claim. A hearing is set before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The ALJ hears the case and then decides if the employee can receive benefits. The process seems simple but can in reality be very complex.

The injured worker is disadvantaged in this process, despite assurances by the Arizona Industrial Commission to the contrary. First, the hearing is attended by the ALJ, a stenographer, the injured employee, and the employer's and/or worker's compensation insurance attorneys. These attorneys are always present at the hearing and the subsequent appeals. Officials say that the workers' compensation hearing is designed so that the injured can represent themselves in the proceedings. However, the idea of a civilian arguing an unfamiliar legal issue with a seasoned attorney does not seem so fair. Add to this the fact that neither the ALJ nor anyone else in the Arizona Industrial Commission can give legal advice to the plaintiff. He or she is essentially alone in the bleak process.

Although it is not recommended by the state, anyone denied workers' compensation benefits should hire an attorney. The Arizona workers' compensation attorney is equipped to take on the opposition. They will know that the injured worker is responsible for obtaining and submitting any medical records that will be used as evidence. In addition, he or she will also know when and how to file the motions to dispute certain issues that the defendant's attorney brings up. Above all, the workers' compensation attorney will ensure that their injured client is heard over the course of the hearing and possibly the appeal.

The state of Arizona, like most other states, does not appoint attorneys to plaintiffs who decide to appeal a denied claim. They also do not give legal advice other than the documents given when the claim is filed. The plaintiff has the burden of proof. Consult an Arizona workers' compensation attorney to ensure that your case is proven, and your rights protected.

If you or someone you know has been injured at work, and you want to learn more about your legal rights, contact a workers' compensation lawyer or attorney today. You can find a workers' compensation lawyer by visiting the American Bar Association website. The American Bar Association website features a lawyer locator function which allows the user to search through worker's compensation lawyer and attorney profiles in each specific city and state. Access to the site and profiles is absolutely free. Don't be ill-informed, know your workers' rights!


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