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Workers compensation is a type of insurance that provides restitution for medical care for employees that are injured while in the place of employment, in exchange for the forfeit of the employee's right to sue the employer under the umbrella of negligence. Plans fluctuate according to different state court districts, though they can be made for weekly payments instead of wages as a type of disability insurance, compensation for past and future economic losses, the payment or reimbursement of the medical expenses as a type of health insurance, and benefits payable to the depends of workers who were killed as a type of life insurance.

There are certain medical conditions that are not covered under workers' compensation insurance, those are:
cardiac arrest
repetitious mental trauma
everyday natural disease
willful attempt to harm oneself or others
injury sustained during off-duty social activity
an incident that occurred as an act of God
horseplay on the job that causes an injury

Workers' compensation attorneys in Colorado are essential for obtaining the benefits that the state laws entitle to each employee. The process can give the injured worker some much needed medical care and cash payments in order to fully recuperate. If the system fails, an alternate process begins, which reads like a trial. There are hearings, attorneys for the defendant (the employer and his workers compensation insurer), judges, an appeals process, etc.

Throughout this trial-like ordeal, the injured worker is allowed to defend themselves. Although the Colorado Division of Worker's Compensation states that the plaintiff, in this case the employee, does not need representation, they can and should hire an attorney to help with the appeals process.

Workers' compensation attorneys can not only help the injured worker navigate the claim, hearing, and appeal; but can also ensures that the client's rights are protected along the way. The attorney has an intimate knowledge of the Colorado worker's compensation laws; a knowledge which is utilized, for example, to protect the client from the insurer's adjusters the people who are usually sent to assess the injury. A less than honorable adjuster can ultimately reduce the amount of benefits that the worker's compensation insurer awards to the injured worker who does not have an attorney. This is often done over the objections of the worker. The only remedy is a hearing.

Filing for the hearing without representation is possible, but it is also another part of the process in which the worker can get persuaded into receiving fewer or none of the benefits to which he or she is entitled. Under Colorado law, an injured worker is entitled to lost wages, mileage reimbursement, permanent and partial disability, and also payment for disfigurement. Unrepresented plaintiffs are usually unaware of either the existence of these benefits, or of the steps to take to obtain them. The system that is said be navigable without an attorney often leaves the unrepresented without the benefits to which they are entitled.

Hiring a Colorado workers' compensation attorney is the best way to get the maximum benefits allowed by law. Their knowledge of the law is a client's most valuable asset. Most workers' compensation attorneys work on a contingency basis, which allows representation for a client, despite their financial situation. Consult a workers' compensation attorney soon after the injury to save time and to obtain the most out of your workers' compensation.

If you are not sure where to find an attorney who specializes in worker's compensation, then you may want to check out the American Bar Association website. This site is accessible to all, and there is even an attorney locator, which will help you to locate professionals in your area, who can assist you best.


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