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According to the U.S Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 4.5 million injuries and illnesses are reported in private industry workplaces each year. This means that roughly five workers per 100 full-time workers are injured at work or become ill in the workplace each year. Certain work laws exist to guarantee that workers who are injured in the workplace will receive permanent financial awards. These laws were created in an effort to solve any kind of dispute outside of the courtroom.

An attorney specializing in workers' compensation law is equipped not only to assist the injured worker with understanding the relevant laws, but also in making certain that any and all appropriate benefits are received. Additionally, a specialist in workers' compensation law will know when an employee may have the right to pursue related issues in a civil action. The workers' compensation insurance providers and the employer have attorneys who begin working on claims as soon as they are filed, so why shouldn't the injured employee?

It is not necessary or wise for the employee to wait until he or she is facing a crisis before seeking out the right attorney. Indeed, with the critical filing deadlines involved in workers' compensation law, it may serve the employee well to begin the search for an attorney as soon as possible. Missed deadlines can mean missing out on receiving the full value of benefits.

Many workers' compensation attorneys charge no fees in advance. They receive their money based on the settlement and at the time of the settlement. It is important, however, to ask about fees at the initial interview, or at the time of the call to schedule a consultation, because not every attorney runs his or her business the same way. Also, a retainer fee might be required for certain types of services.

To make the most efficient use of the first meeting with the attorney, the well-prepared client should bring a written list of questions and a copy of every document available that pertains to the case. A qualified workers' compensation attorney will be able to quickly review the documents and know immediately what needs to be done. The attorney should be a professional with whom the client can build a trustworthy relationship. The client has the right to, and should, interview as many attorneys as necessary in order to find a good fit.

In most circumstances, an employer is exempt from civil suits regarding negligence or to determine fault in an accident that results in an injury. An injured worker, however, might want to invest in retaining an attorney simply for peace of mind, to be assured that someone is protecting his or her best interest.

Although workers' compensation laws vary by state, covered medical care generally includes medical, surgical and hospital services, dental services, crutches, hearing aids, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, nursing care, and prescribed medications.

Never assume that an employer or their insurance company cares about your injury or if you receive fair compensation for it. The playing field is not level. Employers and their insurance company have many attorneys who know the workers' compensation system available to them and will work against you.

If you or someone you know has been injured at work, and you want to learn more about your legal rights, contact a workers' compensation lawyer or attorney today. You can find a workers' compensation lawyer by visiting the American Bar Association website. The American Bar Association website features a lawyer locator function which allows the user to search through worker's compensation lawyer and attorney profiles in each specific city and state. Access to the site and profiles is absolutely free.


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