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Workers' compensation is a type of insurance that provides restitution for medical care for employees that are injured while in the place of employment, in exchange for the forfeit of the employee's right to sue the employer under the umbrella of negligence. Plans fluctuate according to different state court districts, though they can be made for weekly payments instead of wages as a type of disability insurance, compensation for past and future economic losses, the payment or reimbursement of the medical expenses as a type of health insurance, and benefits payable to the depends of workers who were killed as a type of life insurance.

If you are injured on the job, you have the right to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits. The state of South Carolina requires employers to carry insurance to cover work injuries for their employees. It is always a good idea to inform your employer immediately about any incident that causes injury or may cause future injuries.

Under workers' compensation laws, both employer and employee have responsibilities. An employer must provide insurance coverage or maintain a self-insurance fund, and post information specified by the state in a prominent place so that all employees have access to it. An employee has an obligation to read the posted information and to report an injury or occupationally related illness within the allotted time. Non-compliance by either party can have costly consequences.

Most workers' compensation laws also provide employers and co-workers with a specific level of protection by putting a cap on the amount an employee can receive from an employer. This level of protection is also accomplished by prohibiting the ability of the employee to sue their co-workers. Workers' compensation acts as a no-fault system wherein an injured worker's own negligence, or that of the employer, is not put at the fore front, but rather the employee is simply covered for those injuries sustained at the work site.

Upon receiving your claim, the insurance company will decide to approve or deny your claim. If you are denied, you need to hire an experienced workers' compensation lawyer attorney to fight for your benefits

It may be possible to handle a simple case on your own, but due to the complicated nature of the legal system, you can really hurt your case if you don't know what you are doing. The adjuster for your claim has one sole purpose, which is to save the insurance company money. They will do anything they can to find grounds to deny your claim.

That's why you need the advice of a workers' compensation lawyer attorney, who can protect your rights and get you the benefits you deserve. If you have an overuse injury, you may also qualify for benefits. If your job is repetitive and you suffer from injuries as a result, you should inform your employer as soon as you are aware of the injury. The insurance company has the right to send you to a doctor that specifically works for the the company. These appointments are called independent medical exams. They can be stressful and it is not unlikely for them to say your injury is not related to your job, or is less serious than you are claiming.

The great thing about having an attorney on your side is they can prepare you for these types of appointments. They can sit with you through your deposition, protecting your rights through the whole process. They will also represent you in the courtroom. If it is possible, cooperate with your employer. You will know better than anyone whether your employer is the type to dispute your claim or look out for you. Some employers disagree with the whole premise of the workers' compensation system and tend to fight any and all claims. You cannot be fired or harassed for filing a claim; if it turns out that you are, however, you should notify your lawyer attorney immediately.


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