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No matter what you call it DUI, DWI, OWI, OUI they all mean the same thing: operating or driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. As more and more advocacy groups and lawmakers push for newer legislation and laws, harsher penalties for drunk driving are created and enacted nationwide. It is estimated that someone dies from an alcohol-related accident every 40 minutes. The courts take these cases very seriously. If you have recently been arrested or cited for a drinking and driving related offense, you will need to find a lawyer in Alabama who is experienced in DUI or DWI cases to help defend and resolve your case.

When you are facing a DUI charge, you must act quickly. In Alabama, you only have a period of 10 days for your lawyer to file a request with the Alabama Department of Public Safety for a hearing to challenge your charge and potentially save your license and driving privileges. If this isn't done, you will automatically lose your license without a hearing. This is yet another reason why it is imperative for you to hire a DUI-specialized lawyer or attorney to represent your case. An experienced lawyer can explain to you what you will be facing in court, access to the paperwork required, and posses a thorough knowledge of the fines you will need to pay. While you always have the option of a public defender, they may not be well-versed in these specifics, and may not tell you things that a specialized lawyer will.

A DUI conviction is a serious matter and can carry harsh consequences as a penalty. States are cracking down harder than ever on DUI offenders. Possible actions taken against an offender include suspension or revocation of your driver's license, possible jail time, and heavy fines. If you are facing a DWI or DUI charge, you need to take immediate action and seek an attorney experienced in handling DUI cases.

A blood alcohol level is the result of a test that will hold up in court proceedings. Proving impairment of the driver or operator of the vehicle relates to eye witness accounts, statements made by the driver or operator at the time of the offense, and any facts and circumstances surrounding the event that are pertinent to the crime.

Sometimes the offense is also labeled as an OWI (operating while intoxicated). The labels operating or driving are meant to refer to the amount of physical control you have over the motor vehicle. In Alabama, the terms operating or driving do not have to mean the vehicle is in motion or even that the engine is running. If you are found sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle, you can be charged and convicted of driving or operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs if they are found to be present in your body at the time of the charge. Alabama is only one of a few states that have this law.

The help of a good and experienced lawyer is critical in lessening the damage that a DUI arrest and conviction can have on your employment and, in turn, your life. Your lawyer should direct you to the help and counseling that you may need following your conviction, and get you on the right track to rebuild and restore your life. He or she may also be able to minimize the penalties of a DUI charge, such as jail, fines, community service and restitution.

If you have been charged with a DWI or DUI in the state of Alabama, it is important to get a lawyer or attorney on your side as soon as possible. Many law firms offer free consultations, so you can find and get to know the one who is right for you. Get the help you need and the defense you deserve; hire a DUI specialized lawyer today.


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