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If you reside in Georgia, were vacationing or just visiting the State of Georgia, or even just passing through on your way to another locale, and you were stopped and issued a DUI charge, you will need to find an experienced Georgia lawyer who can represent you.

You must file a challenge to your DUI within 10 days or you will lose your driver's license without even so much as a hearing.

A DWI or DUI is a serious charge and is not taken lightly by any state. DWI and DUI law is complicated, complex, and constantly changing. A lawyer licensed in Georgia and familiar with DUI laws can help you try to win your DUI case or, at the very least, get the charges lessened.

If you are convicted of DUI, several possible penalties are options at the time of sentencing. These include jail time, significant monetary fines, suspension or revocation of your driver's license, and community service hours. First time offenders are likely to receive harsh sentences as the laws and penalties continue to stiffen.

New laws and changes made recently include:

Underage drivers with any trace of alcohol or drugs in their body will find themselves facing harsher penalties;
drivers who have BAC (blood alcohol concentration) levels at significantly higher amounts than designated by the laws will be subject to more severe fines;
drunk drivers who carry minor children as passengers in their vehicles will face much tougher penalties;
Repeat offenders are going to find their penalties, fines, and length of jail sentences increased

Your experienced Georgia lawyer can help defend you in your DWI or DUI case by challenging the methods used and tests conducted by the officer or officers present at the time of your DUI charge.

Your lawyer will review your case thoroughly and examine all the details before asking some tough questions of the court and the police officers at the time of your hearing.

Examples of the challenges or questions might include:

Did the officer or officers who stopped you at the time of your DUI charge have a valid reason to stop your vehicle? A person cannot be taken into custody unless a violation has occurred and the officer or officers have to be able to say what their reasonable cause was for stopping your vehicle. If you were stopped for weaving within your traffic lane that is not a valid reason for stopping your vehicle because weaving within your lane is not a crime in Georgia.
The breathalyzer test can be challenged because it is an inexact method and many variables can affect the outcome or the results of the test. Your lawyer can ask expert witnesses to give testimony to the fact that the breathalyzer test is an inaccurate method of determining an alcohol level in a person's body.

Intoxication can be proven in two ways: a measurement above the specified legal limit as the result of a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test, or proving the driver was impaired by use of alcohol or drugs with the testimony of eye witnesses and other related facts. These facts and circumstances surrounding the case would include observations by the police officers and others present at that time, statements made and recorded by you, or circumstantial facts and evidence as collected.

Other tests that can be given at the time of your DUI charge include field sobriety tests. These include such tests as walking in a straight line, holding both your arms out to your sides and then moving one arm in at a time to touch your nose with your eyes closed, reciting the alphabet, and counting backwards. These field sobriety tests can all be challenged by a knowledgeable Georgia lawyer.

If you have a DWI or DUI pending in the State of Georgia, find and hire an experienced Georgia lawyer who is licensed and well-versed in DUI laws.


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