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Due to the efforts of groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), as well as attention from lawmakers and other officials, the penalties and consequences for driving under the influence (DUI) of both alcohol and drugs have become much stiffer. In 2006, 37 percent of all traffic fatalities involved a driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher. Although new laws are still passed every year, people will continue to drink and drive, and will pay for it with harsh penalties and consequences. If you have recently been arrested for a DUI or DWI charge in Louisiana, you need to find an experienced DUI lawyer in the state to represent and defend you. A DWI or DUI crime is a serious offense and has harsh penalties if you are convicted or plead guilty to the crime. DWI and DUI laws are complex; it will take an experienced lawyer to help you through such a process.

In Louisiana, driving or operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is referred to as a DUI. The DUI is further established by having a measure of 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in your body. No evidence of impairment is necessary at this level of BAC, which is known as the 'per se' law. Just having a 0.08 BAC is enough evidence for a conviction. Refusal to submit to an alcohol or chemical test is admissible in court as consciousness of guilt; a conviction, along with the known refusal, can result in additional driver's license consequences and penalties.

You must file a challenge to your case within 15 days; failure to do so will result in you losing your driver's license without a hearing. You need to make your request to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections for your hearing, or risk having your license suspended for good. It is absolutely of the utmost importance to find and hire a Louisiana lawyer to represent you in your defense of this charge.

Even as a first-time offender, you will face the possibility of monetary fines, probation, and driver's license suspension with your DUI conviction. You can also plan on spending between 10 days and six months in jail. If your BAC level was 0.15 or higher, the first two days of your jail sentence will start immediately upon arrest, and you will not be allowed out on bail. It is possible that your jail term can be exchanged for four days of community service work. If these penalties sound harsh, it's because they are, but having a lawyer on your side may allow these punishments to be reduced.

In the state of Louisiana, you will be responsible for costs related to your crime, ranging from $300 to $1,000. The state of Louisiana also requires you pay $75 to a Victims Restitution Fund and $50 in expenses to the court. Your driver's license will be revoked for 90 days. After 30 days, you may apply for a temporary 'hardship' license to enable you to get back and forth between work or school. It will eventually cost you $50 more to get your license reinstated. As you can see, getting a DUI in Louisiana can be quite costly. You will need to find an experienced lawyer to help you try to minimize the damage from your DUI charge.

There are some simple steps to take to find a lawyer who is right for you. First, find one you can afford. Ask about retainer fees and payment plans. Ask about the total cost of your case, and try to get anything about the lawyer's fees in writing. Second, find one you trust. You want someone you can talk to and someone you can trust with your important case. Finally, choose a lawyer who wins his or her cases on a regular basis and has a solid performance history in the courtroom. You want someone who has a great record of acquittal, dismissal, or lessened charges. If you are facing a DUI charge in Louisiana, get help now by finding and hiring a specialized DUI lawyer to work in your defense.


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