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Undoubtedly, this is not your first stop on your DUI research, therefore you must know about the serious consequences that result in DWI/DUI conviction. Although DUI is not considered a crime of intent, if convicted you will face criminal charges. Driving as a crime can be a humbling experience that has the potential to affect almost every facet of your life and of your loved ones as well. Given the seriousness of the charges, hiring an experienced lawyer can help you achieve the best results possible.

In the year 2007, 26 percent of all vehicular fatalities were alcohol related. If you, or a loved one, are unfortunate enough to be a part of recent statistics, please take the first steps towards correcting your mistakes by hiring an attorney to defend you. A conviction may affect your employment, insurance, and your personal freedom, as well as potentially strain relationships with loved ones. These are big prices to pay for making a bad decision. Do not take any more chances with your life, find a lawyer that you feel you can trust.

A DWI or DUI charge is a serious offense and not to be taken lightly. DWI and DUI laws are constantly evolving and changing, and so are the penalties. The Michigan laws on drunk driving are influenced by administrative rules that are particularly aimed at breath and blood tests for alcohol levels. You need an experienced lawyer in the State of Michigan to help you wade through the legal processes and determine what your rights are. Only a Michigan attorney can use their knowledgeable expertise to guide you through the administrative legalities.

Perhaps most importantly, is the realization that much is left up to the district and circuit court judges in the area where your arrest took place. Whereas, a jury may determine facts in a drunk driving case, it is the judge that makes legal decisions and criminal sanctions. Therefore, selecting a lawyer that has many years of experience with local law enforcement can only benefit your case. Since the differences between judges can vary greatly, having an attorney that has previous experience with them may offer an advantage.

At this point, you most likely understand that you could face some serious repercussions. Here is a brief outline on some potential consequences. For first time offenders a fine of up to $1000, probation for up to two years, community service hours, imprisonment, and a suspended license, as well as a restricted license once it is reinstated. Obviously, for repeat offenders the penalties will increase greatly.
You MUST file a challenge to your case immediately, usually within seven to 10 days, or else you could lose your driver's license without a hearing. The State of Michigan has DUI laws that combine related charges with a DUI offense. This is intended to stop offenders from getting a lesser punishment than they deserve.

Michigan DUI laws can include these related charges: Operating While Visibly Impaired (OWVI). This law allows you to be charged with a DUI crime without having to take a breath test or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test. All that is necessary for you to be charged with this crime is that the police officer visually be able to determine that you are unable to operate a motor vehicle due to impairment caused by alcohol or drugs in your body. Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). This is the charge when alcohol or drugs affect your ability to drive safely. The amendment also includes a provision that a measurement of .07 BAC can also be charged in an impaired driving offense. The amendment also adds the language that an OWI can be charged if ANY amount of alcohol or a controlled substance is found in your body.

It can be said that Michigan does not take any DWI or DUI charges lightly, and the laws have been put into place to govern those that break the law. Since, the court system can be challenging to navigate, hiring a lawyer immediately is probably the best decision you can make. Find one today, and take your future into your own hands.


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