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In 2006 over 41,000 motorists were arrested for driving while intoxicated. This is the highest number ever recorded by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. The DUI laws in Minnesota are extremely strict, and could affect every facet of your life and the lives of your family. DWI/DUI charges are considered driving as a crime, although not considered a crime of intent. Nonetheless you will be facing a criminal charge, therefore hiring DWI/DUI a lawyer will most likely provide your best chance of clearing your name.

Hiring a lawyer to defend your case can be costly, but the advantages are numerous. Not only will the right attorney fight your case, but lawyers will make sure your rights are being protected, as well as make you aware of the potential options and consequences. Ensure that you receive the fairest trial possible, by hiring an attorney that has experience in DWI/DUI laws.

A DWI or DUI charge is a serious offense and it is not to be taken lightly. You need to file a challenge, or an appeal, immediately or you could lose your driver's license without a hearing. If you are stopped in the State of Minnesota for DWI or DUI allegations, oftentimes the police officer will administer a breath test to you. If your blood alcohol content (BAC) level is found to be 0.08 or above, chances are you will be arrested on a DWI charge. The State of Minnesota has differing degrees of DWI charges depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your charge. Here are a few facts, but for further explanation, be sure to ask your attorney.

First time conviction typically incorporates a drivers license suspension for a minimum of 90 days, a monetary fine up to $1000, as well as a potential 90 days imprisonment. If your license is indeed revoked, in order to reinstate permission to drive you will need to pay a fee and complete a knowledge test on DWI, in addition to a chemical assessment. These consequences are only for first time offenders, which means as the amount of repeat offenses occur, so do the repercussions. Put your mistakes in the past, and move forward with selecting an attorney that will fight for your best interests.

While you may feel inundated with the amounts of DUI lawyers available, selecting the right one can make all the difference. Most likely, you will want to hire a criminal lawyer, and one that specializes in DUI specifically. Experience in trying cases like yours may make the world of difference. Their experience may also relate to their knowledge of potential consequences, relationships with judges or police officers, and their overall confidence level. In addition, looking at your future lawyers track record in such cases is essential. Just because you choose a DUI lawyer, that doesn't equate to a best case scenario. Make sure they have won similar cases to yours. Lastly, it is always important to feel a level of comfort with someone that you are placing so much trust with. As stated above, now is the time to begin making smart decisions that will affect your future.

A Minnesota DUI attorney is your best chance at turning around your life. Take every action possible to avoid the repercussions of a DWI/DUI conviction. An experienced attorney understands the specific laws governing Minnesota in order to defend you and possibly reduce your sentence. Make an appointment today to meet with a lawyer, and begin the process to hopefully clear your name and record.


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