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In 2006 in Mississippi, 41 percent of the 42,642 traffic fatalities were caused by alcohol related crashes. If you live in Mississippi and have been stopped and arrested on a DWI (driving while intoxicated) or DUI (driving under the influence) charge, you need to find an experienced lawyer in Mississippi to help plead your case. If convicted, you may face a series of fines, penalties, and suspensions. Read further to educate yourself on the potential consequences you might face.

First of all, you must file a challenge, or an appeal, of your case immediately. In many states, you only have 7 to 10 days to file a challenge or you could lose your driver's license without the benefit of a hearing. A DWI or DUI offense is a serious charge and one that should not be taken lightly. Do not wait to take action, your freedom may hinge on how you handle the mistake from this day forward. You will need the help and advice of an experienced Mississippi lawyer to help you navigate through Mississippi's court system. The DWI and DUI laws are complicated, complex, and ever-changing.

In Mississippi, if you are stopped and found to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.08 percent or greater, your driver's license will be immediately confiscated by the police. You must request the above-mentioned hearing with the Mississippi Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) immediately in order to try to protect your right to drive by appealing your suspension.

Also, if you refuse to take a BAC test, your driver's license will be suspended. In Mississippi, you are allowed to file a refusal petition within 10 days of your arrest. By doing so, you may be able to receive a temporary 45-day license which will allow you to continue to drive while waiting for your hearing. Something to remember about this policy is that if you refuse to take a test and you are eventually found not guilty of the DUI charge, your license will still be lost to you for 90 days.

For first time offenders, you can expect to pay a fine anywhere from $250 to $1000, and you may be imprisoned for up to 48 hours. In addition, you may have to complete an alcohol safety program, during which your license might be suspended. Repeat offenders will see the penalties increase, for example the monetary fines are more expensive, your vehicle may be impounded, and the suspension of your license could be as long as 5 years. In addition, if during the course of your DWI or DUI charge, there was an accident that involved injury to a person or property damage, your fines and sentences will be tougher.

Another thing to remember about a DWI or DUI conviction is that if your driver's license is returned to you, your insurance premiums are bound to increase significantly. A conviction will also be on your permanent record. A future employer could order a criminal background check on you, see your DUI conviction and possibly decide not to hire you. In general, many aspects of your life will be affected by this one mistake you made. Thus, it should be evident that taking every precaution necessary to clear your name and record needs to be taken seriously.

You should find and hire a Mississippi lawyer who can help you win your DWI or DUI case in court or at least get the charges reduced. When you hire an experienced Mississippi lawyer, he or she is going to examine your case thoroughly. A knowledgeable lawyer in Mississippi will know what items to challenge and what questions to ask before a judge, and hopefully has personal experience with the law enforcement personnel. If you were arrested on a DWI or DUI charge in the State of Mississippi , you need to seek and find a Mississippi lawyer skilled and well-versed in the DUI laws of that state to help you defend yourself against this charge.


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