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Almost 2 million DUI and DWI cases all over the country are on file in different courts. In fact, these DUI and DWI cases occupy a large percentage of the criminal dockets of nearly all court proceedings. With the intensified penalties of DUI and DWI offenses, those charged have to take a more serious look at the plea they enter. While a guilty plea is certain to bring punishment, a not guilty plea may offer helpful options. A good Montana DWI/DUI lawyer can help you make these critical decisions.

State Laws
For first time offenders who are at least 21 years old, Montana laws state that driving with an alcohol content of .08 percent can lead to an arrest. If you are under 21, the limit is .02, according to Zero Tolerance laws.

Along with many others, Montana is an 'Implied Consent' state. In other words, if you are granted a Nevada driver license, you have automatically consented to a breathalyzer or other chemical testing. If you reject chemical testing, your license is automatically suspended for at least six months. If you fail a breathalyzer test, the arresting officer issues you an intent to suspend notice. You must submit a written request to challenge this suspension at a hearing.

If you are convicted of drinking and driving, you will face several penalties. You can serve up to six months in jail, and you are looking at a fine of at least one thousand dollars. Also, you are likely to lose your license for at least six months. Should you face DUI or DWI convictions more than once, you may forfeit your rights to your vehicle. Courts may order that a ignition interlock device be placed on your vehicle to prohibit you from accessing it. If you are charged a fourth time, you may be brought up on felony charges.

What To Do
When charged with a DUI or a DWI, there are some things to consider. First, take the charges seriously. A criminal conviction can be limiting.
Current and future employers have a right to view your criminal records, which may mean that you not only lose your current job, you could also be kept out of the running for future employment opportunities.
Credit bureaus can view your criminal records, which can affect your status for student loans, home loans, and car loans, as well as credit card offers.
Landlords can view your criminal records, which may mean that you do not get the apartment or home you desire.
Once you have realized the serious consequences of charges like these, the next best thing to do is to contact a lawyer. Figuring out Montana DUI laws and courtroom events can be demanding. Getting a lawyer who specializes in DUI and DWI defense can make a huge impact on the results of your case. In most cases, the initial consultation with a Montana DWI/DUI lawyer is free, and it is always treated with utmost confidentiality.

Choosing the Right Attorney
Montana DWI/DUI lawyers can assist you in your battle with DUI charges, help you lower fines, reduce severe penalties, limit jail time, and possibly avoid criminal records altogether. How do you find the right one?

First, look for an experienced lawyer. The successful candidate should have handled similar cases in the past. Research prospects thoroughly, and obtain referenced from other attorneys. Make sure the attorney you choose for your defense has a strong reputation among community members and has had high levels of success.

DUI and DWI punishments can vary, and in Montana , punishment can be unbelievably difficult. With a practiced and qualified DUI lawyer to evaluate your case, you can decide if possible mitigating circumstances may help overcome the charges.


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