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Taken into custody when caught drunk driving does not necessarily mean a conviction is imminent. A qualified lawyer can evaluate the evidence and thoroughly examine the details of the case as well as its ensuing consequences. Nearly all claimed evidence of intoxication can be counterbalanced or eradicated, and with the penalties that are at stake, you should count on a Nebraska DWI/DUI attorney to do just that.

Nebraska Law
In Nebraska , it is a felony for a driver to maneuver a vehicle, which includes a car, truck, motorcycle, or a commercial vehicle when he or she is impaired as a result of alcohol or drugs. If a driver goes beyond the prescribed level of blood-alcohol concentration, which is .08 percent or higher, he or she is arrested and charged.

When pulled over on suspicion of drinking and driving, a police officer administers a serious of field sobriety tests. Because passing these tests depends on the interpretation of the police officer who administers them, they are commonly refuted in court, particularly if the accused has a physical disability or ailment that would cause inaccurate results. In addition to sobriety tests, officers are likely to administer a portable breathalyzer instrument, which is most accurate for obtaining results. Nebraska abides by a 'per se' DWI/DUI law, which states that an individual with a reading of .08 percent or higher is intoxicated.

A police officer is not required to have any additional proof under this law. Citizens of Nebraska are granted the right to refuse breathalyzer tests, as well as blood and urine analysis. By not allowing results to be used as evidence in courts, prosecutors must rely on officer testimony and observational accounts to convict the individual charged. In this manner, proving that the individual's impairment was directly linked to alcohol and/or drug use is more challenging. Depending on your individual circumstances, it is best to contact your lawyer immediately to determine the best approach to the situation.

What To Do
Consulting a Nebraska DUI/DWI lawyer is the best starting place to ensure that your legal needs are attended to. You do not have to face the authorities by yourself. A good DUI/DWI lawyer is always at hand to assist you.

Since DUI and DWI cases can be very complex, choosing a good lawyer who can review your case and answer your important questions is essential. Experienced DUI/DWI lawyers understand the prosecution's case before it is ever built, and in some instances, your attorney may be able to decrease the charges or have the charges dropped before you even go to trial.

Choosing the Right Attorney
The right attorney has three major qualities. First, you want a lawyer that has extensive experience in the field of drunk-driving law. In an attempt to stop the frequency of drunk-driving incidents, the laws are always changing and becoming more severe. Only an attorney with lots of experience in the field is one who can ensure you get a fair trial. Second, a good lawyer is one who has a good case record. Experience is necessary; Choose someone who has successfully defended hundreds of other cases just like yours. Finally, you want a lawyer that you can afford. Fees vary from agency to agency, so be sure to ask about retainer costs and payment plans. You want a good lawyer, but you also want one that you can afford to pay. Penalties are serious, and your future, your employment, even the happiness of your family is at risk. If you need help, contact a Nebraska DUI/DWI attorney today. Attempting to handle DWI/DUI charges alone can be a costly, irreversible mistake. Moreover, you want to ensure that all your rights and liberties are upheld, whether or not you are convicted of this crime.


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